COCO 澳洲礦物爽髮粉 Dry Shampoo
COCO 澳洲礦物爽髮粉 Dry Shampoo
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COCO 澳洲礦物爽髮粉 Dry Shampoo

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COCO 澳洲礦物爽髮粉的純天然礦物粉配方,有效吸收髮根多餘油脂污垢,拯救扁塌油頭,更可以提供秀髮所需的營養物質,讓你可以瞬間擁有清爽秀髮。純天然的成份,令此爽髮粉不會像坊間一般免沖乾洗髮,損害頭皮毛囊,令掉髮油頭問題更嚴重。



  • 不含任何動物成分
  • 不含任何人造色素、香料
  • 100 % 天然成份

🔹 主成份分析🔹

活性白土 ➔ 天然產出、能超強吸附殘留物質及油脂的礦物土。

澳洲米色礦泥粉 、澳洲午夜黑礦泥粉 ➔ 源產自澳洲,粉質精細純淨,富含各種礦物質,有效清潔和吸收油脂,令頭髮回復清爽柔順光澤。

法國紅礦泥粉 ➔ 含高濃度鐵氧化物,有效吸附髒污,同時有潤澤頭髮的作用。

容量 | 196 ml

適用膚質 |特別 乾性、幼嫩、敏感肌膚 使用。


其他成份 |有機可可粉、法國紅礦泥粉

Our non-scented all natural dry shampoo will blend away with your natural color in minutes and give you that oh so wonderful extra day or maybe even two in between washing's. Extra volume and the ability to style a little easier along with soaking up those excess oil's makes this a perfect addition to your travel bag! Hot Chocolate will work for light brown - black hair and anything lighter, you are a Blondie ;)

A great way to use this product is to simply section your hair an inch or so on either side of your part at the top of your head and sprinkle a little in...give a quick rub and continue on mid way down your head. Using it at night before you go to bed helps to make the mornings quick and easy as the natural clay's and ingredients in our product work to give your hair body and volume cleaning while you sleep and make for easy styling in the morning.

Zea Mays (Corn Starch), Multani Mitti Clay (Fullers Earth) Maranta Arundinaceae (arrowroot Powder) Oryza Sativa (Rice Powder) Australian Beige Clay, Australian Black Clay, Organic Cocoa Powder, Brown Clay, French Red Clay

  • 在掌心倒出適量粉,於頭髮出油位置輕拍數下。
  • 指腹均勻的搓揉頭皮,以幫助粉末完整地吸附頭皮上的油脂。

Pink House 由姊妹 Tracy Olesen 及 Karen Sjoberg 於 2013 年成立。

在此之前,Karen 被診斷患上乳癌。於復康的路上,她開始研究市面上的護膚產品成份,發現它們充斥著大量有害化學物質。驚恐之下,她和 Tracy 決定自行研製天然護膚品,並只用最安全、天然、又有效的成份。可惜 Karen 最終於 2015年離世,Pink House 現由 Karen 的兩名女兒及 Tracy 掌理,並將繼續秉承Karen 為Pink House 定立的「無害理念」。

Pink House was born in 2013 by Tracy Olesen and her sister Karen Sjoberg. 

Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer, and in the time of her recovery, she was filled with horror at the chemicals in the products she was using daily. This began a long and painful struggle to find all natural products in brands she once used to trust. Tracy was determined to help Karen find organic products, and in their disappointing search, they realized they may as well make them themselves.

Karen and Tracy spent hours of time together in the kitchen scheming up ingredients for each product. Each product was created by trial and error, and a whole lot of research. With a lot of prayer and determination, the products were carefully crafted, as they continued to flourish in creating.

A few years later, Karen was sadly diagnosed with terminal cancer. After 8 months walking the long and wearisome journey that cancer is, she passed away on the first week of August 2015. With fire in Tracy’s heart to continue with their business, her passion to promote health within the beauty industry turned ablaze. With kindred hearts, Karen’s daughters Tegan & Lindsay jumped at the opportunity to join Pink House to continue the legacy their Mom left behind.

Pink House is an honest company with 3 backing hearts who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure women are aware of the impact of the ingredients they are putting on their body. Confidence in health is our promise, as it is the heartbeat of our business. High end, 100% natural products at a reasonable price is always where we’ll stand. We simply want to see amazing quality products in YOUR hands. 

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